Sonos Connect or Sonos Connect:AMP

Hi all.

Been using multiple Sonos items for couple of years.

I build apartments and put Sonos into them. We currently put Ceiling Speakers in and then use a connect:amp for the customer to power up and use Sonos.

Can I do this but instead of a connect:AMP use the cheaper version connect?


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Only if you have a separate device to send power to the speakers. The CONNECT:AMP can power speakers, the CONNECT can send a signal to a device that powers speakers.
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Yea for the connect you need an amplifier. Many people will hook a connect to an old surround receiver or something they have lying around the house to power the speakers. Fact though is the Connect:Amp is much more convenient as if using a Connect you have to turn on or leave on the amplifier/receiver it is connected to in order to play music.
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For what you'll save swapping the Connect Amp for the cheaper Connect (which is £90 in the UK) you'll spend that and more in hardware cost and hassle with of a "cheap" outboard amp. Stick with a solution that works and doesn't cause a load of grief in the build phase or lost time and added expense in after-sales service calls.


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