Sonos Connect - Is this the correct component?

  • 2 November 2022
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Hi what I am attempting to do is stream music through our store’s speakers.  Will the Sonos connect work for this purpose?  The Sonos connect would be plugged in our network switch via a network cable. Then use a PC hooked up to the same network that is located in another part of our building to access Spotify. Hopefully Spotify recognizes the Sonos and allows us to play music from Spotify to our buildings speakers. The speakers are all connected and have 1 x 3.5 mm male end. I plan to use a 3.5 mm female like attached and remove the jacks to expose the wires to connect to the speaker outputs on the Sonos. My only input to the Sonos is the network cable.  Thanks Dan


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1 reply

Why use the PC to send Spotify to the Sonos CONNECT (the older version of the Port)? Why not just enter your Spotify account information into the Sonos software, and use that to play Spotify?

Are the speakers that you’re connecting self amplified? 

The CONNECT has no speaker posts. Do you perhaps have a CONNECT:AMP (the older version of the Sonos Amp), which does? That would indeed power speakers that don’t have internal amplification. If so, I believe your plan would work, although there are laws (at least here in the US) about use of streams designed for personal use in a corporate environment. Several streamers do have a ‘for business’ plan that satisfies the rights demands by ASCAP, etc…