Sonos Connect amp Running hot

  • 4 October 2016
  • 8 replies

I set up Smart Bus Z audio Azaan module with Sonos connect amp via line in. I've noticed that it look normal while not on line in and play via mobile but it can become really hot while on line in and when track is playing which is almost 20 minute in length but volume lower than 50% it get extreme hot cant even touch it so plugged it off.

Ii kept it on wooden cabinet which hanging on wall and alone in shelf without door.

kindly give me suggestion what else i can do

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8 replies

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Hi, Zohaib. Welcome to the community. Can you tell us what the CONNECT:AMP is connected to, in terms of speakers or third party device(s)? Also, can you please replicate the issue and then submit a diagnostic, replying here with the confirmation number? Many thanks in advance.
Thank you Edward .

Sorry For late reply I was out of Town.
We have 2 connect-amp and 1 Play5 system. Play5 kept in lounge(l-1), One connect amp(l-2) upstairs in bedroom inside close cabinet another one (l-3) is on ground floor on wall hanging open cabinet, which has been line in by Smart home Zone audio2 which is also in same cabinet but differnt shelf.
Zone Audio2 is basically announce prayers according to timers
We set (l-3) on line-in and group with others. Its working perfectly but after 7 to 8 hours it stop working and (l-3) becomes hot as fire. I swiped with (l-2) but Same problem.
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You need to answer Edwards question re speakers.

In the meantime disconnect the speakers from the effected connect:amp and see if it still gets hot. If not you need to urgently check your wiring and speakers.
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That sounds like there might be some serious problem with the speakers or the wire that connects the amp onto the speakers...
Edward i submit diagnostics report and confirmation number is 6674494
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Thanks for the diagnostics. Unfortunately, they came up blank. This suggests network communication issues but would not be the cause of any potential overheating on your device. Can you please clarify what I am looking at in this picture? I need to know if your device is compatible. If it is not, then this will explain the problem you are having. Also, how hot is hot? If you can comfortably hold your hand on it for 20 seconds, then this is not overheating. I look forward to your responses.
Mean no result from diagnostic ? Will do it again tomorrow
I just clarify in this pic that Connect amp have enough space to ventilate.
My device is compatible with Sonos, we set up this before on another site without facing this problem.
After being line-in for max 4 hours it get s hot as that hot i can't hold hand for 5 sec and then plug out.
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Please, do excuse if my text might seem to 'sharp', but following the picture, there seems to be some sort of problem with the cabling...
The picture does not help much, but some cables there seem to be dangerously in such a position that it might be easy for the wrong wires to touch each other and create some kind of short circuit...
Are you able to better capture a picture of the those wires that seem a bit loose in there?