Sonos Connect Amp °advice what speakers to buy ?

  • 25 January 2018
  • 5 replies

I have in my new appartement speaker cable in the walls, so i want to buy a connect amp and buy some speakers?
Someone has advice for what speakers?
I have allready two PLAY1's in other rooms

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5 replies

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I have in my new appartement speaker cable in the walls

OK...if I understand you correctly the speaker cables were already installed when you took occupancy of your new apartment. You therefore have zero financial investment regarding their installation. Accordingly, the wires at this juncture connect to nothing.

Buying a Sonos Connect Amp to then buy additional non-Sonos speakers to connect to the Sonos Connect Amp on the surface seems like overspending. The end result have speakers?

Unless you're trying to run sound to in-ceiling speakers (you want to purchase) I don't see the logic in purchasing a Connect Amp when you could use those funds toward your choice of a Sonos speaker (or speakers), plugged into an electrical outlet and placed on the Sonos network. Simple. Or....

Is it that you have no electrical where the speakers would be placed and/or you ARE referring to an in-ceiling installation as I mentioned earlier in this response? Please elaborate if you will.
I agree. Unless there are good quality ceiling speakers also installed at the other end of the installed wires, that you want to use - or to buy to so install - I say forget about the wires and go for play units.
I dont have any outlet’s over there just the speaker cables are coming out of the wall,
The 2 PLAY1’s i have are in other rooms.
Is their no outlets anywhere else in the room or do you just want speakers in that particular spot?