Sonos Beam/Sub/One SL combination for music

  • 1 December 2020
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I’m new to the forum. Thanks for fielding my question. 

I have a Beam for the tv and it works well. It’s not bad for music, but I’d like to improve its breadth and depth. 

I know a lot of people would say for music, two Fives would be the best combination. But, I already have a Beam, and the Sub and One SL is currently on sale in Australia, where I live. It would be cheaper for the Sub and two One SL’s to add to the Beam than to buy two Five’s.  

I know a Sub with Ones would not produce the mid range for music that Fives would.  But, would the Beam do a good job at this role, while the Sub takes the bass and the Ones take the higher frequencies?

In a Beam/Sub/One SL combination, would the Sub take over the bass frequencies from the Beam (leaving it free for midrange) and the Beam leave higher frequencies to a pair of One SL’s? Or, does it not work this way?

Does anyone use this combination for music?


1 reply

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Hi @Bernard N, thank you for reaching out to us, and welcome to the Sonos community. I appreciate you for bringing this concern to us, let me help you out.

The Sonos One SL is for stereo pairing and home theater surrounds, compact design fits just about any space. If you create stereo pair the 2 One SL for left and right stereo sound, you can group them with your Beam and Sub. If you prefer Beam/Sub/One SL combination you can adjust the audio settings for your Sonos home theater’s surround speakers and Sub audio settings based on your sound preferences. 

We can also wait for suggestions and feedback from our Sonos community members, they might provide a suggestion about this. You can also reach out to our sales team through phone or email where you can send the image and your floor plan for assessment and to provide you the best option. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.