Sonos Beam (+ ones) vs Arc in an L-Shaped Open Plan.

  • 19 September 2020
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Hey everyone, first post here!

Moving to a new place at the end of the year and considering what sound system to get. I've had a small Sonos One in my current place (small living room where I use it mostly for music) which I love, so I'm thinking of fully buying into the Sonos ecosystem.

Currently thinking about the TV set-up, I've got a 55" TV with eArc capability which would work well both with the beam and arc. My biggest concern is that the Open Plan is L-Shaped (roughly 60sqm), so the "TV Area" will actually have a wall on only one side, will the Arc work well anyway or should I get the beam and invest in a couple of Sonos Ones for the rear?

Would this be enough to have some background music in the other parts of the open plan?

Note: I'm not too into sound so I'm not looking for super precision, I just don't want it to be terrible

Thanks :)


Open Plan layout


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3 replies


Hi @mercMT91 thanks and welcome to the Community. We appreciate you reaching out to us. With the kind of setup that you are eyeing, I would suggest having at least 7-10 ft clearance from the side of the Arc to the wall in order for the sound to bounce to have a better experience. You can also visit this link for your reference. Let us know if you have further questions or concerns. Thanks! 

Hi @Jigger L.,

Thanks for your reply! That makes sense and I don't think that going for just the arc would work in my setup. My thoughts are to get the beam for the front and mount two One SLs on in the rear, to avoid trying to get the arc to “bounce” the sound off the side walls. Do you think that makes sense?


Hi @mercMT91 thanks for reaching out again to Sonos Community. Primarily it is applicable for all of Sonos’ soundbar not only for the Arc. So we may be getting the same thing if ever that you will also use Beam for your setup. It would really be best to have a clearance in order for the Sound to bounce and have better sound quality. Let us know if you have further questions or concerns. Thanks!