Sonos Amp w/ B&W CM6 S2s vs McIntosh vs 2x play 5s

  • 5 April 2019
  • 2 replies

I currently have a pair of CM6 S2s on a Mcintosh c32 and MC2205 with connect. Unfortunately both pieces need to be serviced again (ribbons, caps, ect) and im looking for something with a less upkeep. I love the way the current system sound and was wondering if anyone knows if the new Sonos Amp with the CM6 speakers will sound similar to what iv been listening to. Would 2 play 5s be a significant downgrade or should i give them a go over the amp?

2 replies

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The Amp should be a very good match for the B&Ws. It's at the top end of the recommended power specification (30-120W into 8Ohms), and all well-designed amps sound indistinguishable if they're operating within their power limits and without EQ adjustments. In short, it should sound like what you have with your existing amplification.

I think you'd really need to audition a P:5 stereo pair to compare. I think they sound very good, although not as good as some other actives such as the KEF LS-50W, or ELAC NAVIS ARB-51 -- but these systems are both twice the price.
Your love for how your system sounds is based entirely on how your present speakers sound, so I would not suggest changing these; also, moving to a play 5 pair would render the speakers redundant. Get either the Sonos Amp - which would make the Connect redundant, or, get a solid state stereo amp from the known brands like Marantz/Onkyo/Yamaha etc, which would need the Connect to be kept in service.