Sonos Amp to Sonos Connect for an Russound A Bus system

  • 4 September 2017
  • 1 reply

I have several Sonos speaker systems throughout our home. We also have direct wired speakers running into a Sonos Amp in a part of our home. The rest of the home is wired to a Russound A H4D Hub. In order to connect our Sonos system to that Hub, I need to use Analog In & Out jacks. Can I put a Sonos Connect between our Sonos Amp and the Hub? If so, how will I control the music system using my Sonos Ap?

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1 reply

A CONNECT would act as any other "room" in the Sonos ecosystem, so connecting it with RCA jacks to your Hub would be fine.

You'd be using the the Sonos controller app to define what is being fed to the Hub. You'd turn on the line-in on the CONNECT to feed it anything that the Hub is generating, and it would feed anything in the Sonos ecosystem. Note that any analog (like those RCA jacks) input to Sonos has a delay of around 70ish ms. That means any traditional speakers connected to the hub won't be completely in sync with any Sonos speakers.