Sonos amp + kef q350

  • 1 April 2019
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I was thinking of upgrading my old surround system. I would like some nice quality and also a very minimal and "clean" setup. I was thinking about buying the new sonos amp, then a pair of the kef q350 as the front speakers and a pair of sonos ones as rear speakers. Then later on possibly a sub, was thinking of the REL T7i. But in a year or so. Would this setup be worth it or what do you audiophiles think?

3 replies

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First of all, I'm not an audiophile, so can't speak for anyone who claims that title. I do think the Sonos amp is a good purchase if for no other reason than it's versatility. If you ever decide to move to something else, you'll be able to use the amp in another room in the house, or to even power outdoor speakers.

That said...I'm not a fan of using the Sonos amp to power bookshelf speakers in a HT setup like this. I think it does better with architectural speakers for the most part where you're trying to minimize the footprint as much as possible. For one thing, you're mixing speaker brands (kef and sonos ones) and won't be able to trueplay tune it. That may not be that big of a factor, but I'd rather stick with all of one brand. I would go with the playbar/playbase/beam if I'm wanting to include wireless surrounds.

As far as the sub, why not using the Sonos One?

To be clear, this all just my opinion. I know others are using the Sonos Amp for their main TV watching room and are quite happy with it.
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I have some friends who uses the amp for the tv, especially my uncle and he loves it. But he only uses it as a 2.1 without rear.
I currently have a 5.1 system with some old speakers from jamo, but I'm not even close to satisfied. The reason I would like to get the sonos amp is pretty simple, the design of it, It just looks sooooo nice and I've heard a lot about it. Also, have heard the sonos sub a LOT of times and for the price it's just not worth it (in my opinion), can't compare to the rel t7i that costs the same here in sweden. If you have any ideas for a better setup I would love your opinion. I would love something clean, preferably 2.1 or some smart idea, not a fan of the center speaker for some random reason. And a simplistic amp wouldn't hurt either.

Thanks for you reply, really made me start to think a litte bit more about what to buy 🙂
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If you've heard it and like it, then it absolutely makes sense to give it a try for your own setup. The fact that you aren't interested in a physical center channel is a big plus for going with the amp.

One good thing about Sonos is the return policy if you buy direct from Sonos. No questions asked.