Sonos Amp for Towers with Projector

  • 19 April 2019
  • 6 replies

Hello...I'm in the market for a projector, tower speakers, and the new Sonos Amp. I plan on the Amp powering the front towers and, initially, using my play 1's and sub for the remainder of the 4.1. Has anyone completed this setup? I'm trying to avoid any lipsync issues. Also, the content provider will be a PS4 and AppleTV.

6 replies

You've got a challenge with this concept. Not insurmountable, but you need to think about it.

The Sonos Amp works off of an HDMI-ARC source, not an HDMI source. So your projector needs to be able to send out an HDMI-ARC signal, and most don't. But, you could insert an HDMI switch before sending the video signal to your projector, and extract the audio signal. Most of them have an optical output, which you could then feed into an optical to HDMI-ARC adapter, much like Sonos sells as an accessory. You could then plug both the PS4 and the Apple TV into the HDMI Switch.

Other than that caveat, your plan makes sense.
That's what I figured too...Thanks for the possible work around. May be easier to just buy an 85" TV that has arc than to mess with a 100" projector.
Wish I had your budget :)

But yea, that might be just as good. And probably less issue in ambient light from any windows, if you've got that concern.
I’ve been planning and saving for a self-made theater room for some time. Was set on traditional 5.1 until I saw the new Sonos amp. I really enjoy the Sonos products I have. The plan is to mount the amp in the ceiling near the projector and just have towers and a screen for the front.
I ordered the amp yesterday, along with a switch and audio extractor to plug into the projector. Very excited if this works. Thank you for the advice.
You're most welcome. Keep us posted!