Sonos AMP and Ceiling

  • 10 January 2024
  • 1 reply

I’m looking for advice to setup my master bedroom.

  • Bedroom has two ceiling speakers close to the wall mounted TV.
  • I have a Sonos AMP connected to the speakers
  • I have a Sonos Mini Sub in the room.
  • My viewing area is on the bed, which is opposite wall to the TV.

What is the ideal surround setup? If the ceiling speakers are close to the rear, I’d just use them as a surround and problem solved.

I was thinking of either a Beam or Arc along with Era 300. But not sure if the fact that the ceiling speakers are in the front would affect the decision.

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1 reply

You have a couple different options.  You could connect your Sonos amp to the TV and then use your ceiling speakers as the ‘front speakers’.  The mini sub can connect to the amp.  If you want surround sound, you can get Era 100s or other pair of Sonos speakers.  You can’t use Era 300s or get atmos sound from them.  You could also get a 2nd sub and ceiling speakers for rear audio if you want.

If you don’t want to use your ceiling speakers for front audio, then I would probably just not use them for TV audio at all.  You can create a separate Sonos room with the soundbar, rear surronds, and your mini sub.  Just use the ceilign speakers for music only if you wish, maybe group it with the other Sonos room in your bedroom if you like the way it sounds.