Sonos 5 or Sonos One for a large long room

  • 9 June 2019
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I have a large living / dining room area (30 feet long x 18 feet wide x 19 feet high celing).

I am interested in playng music (no TV).

What would be a good setup: two Sonos 5 or 4 Sonos One or two Sonos One?

4 replies

Two Play 5’s (gen2), perhaps set as a stereo pair, would be my initial choice for that size of room.
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Good recommendation by Ken

2 - Play:5s setup as stereo pair (much like 2 normal bookshelf speakers on stands would be)

alternative would be 2 - Sonos Ones and a Sonos Sub. This setup would give you a little better low end.
I would go, if necessary in phases, for four Sonos ones and a Sub. One pair for the dining space and one pair+ Sub for the living space.
That would address the problem of music having to be too loud in one space to be heard well in the other space.
As suggested, the Sub may be added later if more bass presence is felt necessary.
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I agree with Kumar, for a room that size with multiple function area you are best zoning based on usage and treating each as a separate zone.