Something without a microphone

  • 2 December 2021
  • 2 replies

I’m looking at expanding my Sonos system, with either a Roam or a Move speaker.

I don’t want to hook up to Google or Apple, and want something that either doesn’t have a microphone or has the ability to disconnect or turn it off if it has one. Will either of these 2 speakers fit the bill?

Also, it seem from the responses to my previous question, that I should be able to set this up independently from my other speakers. I’d like to be able to use this in the garage without inadvertently blasting the other speakers in the family room, so I’d prefer to set this up on its own system. 

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2 replies

You can shut off the microphones in both.  Better yet, never add voice control and the microphone array will never be able to activate.  Note: For the Roam, you also need to turn off the Trueplay microphone in the Trueplay settings menu.

I believe the Move and Roam allow you to ‘turn off’ the microphone, which isn’t active anyway unless you install a connection to a voice assistant. One slight modification, though…there is a certain amount of internal listening to the music in order to optimize the speaker for the space it is playing in, but that data isn’t sent out, to the best of my knowledge. But certainly, no listening to voice, unless you willfully connect a voice assistant.

In a normal Sonos set up, you’d be setting up this additional speaker as a separate ‘room’, so unless you grouped the other room, there would be no ‘blasting’ involved. 

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