Simplest way to add preamped turntable?

  • 13 August 2023
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I have beam gen2 plus sub gen3 and would really like to add my turntable to the set up. 

I’m going round in circles (pun intended) trying to decide between an amp, a port or a 5 with a line in. 

I’ve tried cabling it up to my tv with the RCA but it won’t play through the HDMI arc, it will play via its own input but I don’t want the tv on whilst playing.

A second hand 5 is probably most cost effective but would that work with what I already have? 

Also tried combining the HDMI into 1 input into the beam but it didn’t like it. 

Many thanks in advance. 


Best answer by jgatie 13 August 2023, 01:23

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4 replies

Any unit with a Line-In - Five, Port, Amp, or Era 100/300 + the Line-In accessory.

Thanks jgatie.  One more question if I may…

if I buy the amp would the speakers add to my surround set up? 

Ignore.  I’ve seen similar questions. 

I can’t see how to delete the duplicate threads I’ve inadvertently started. 

It’s pretty clear there’s been a software ‘hiccup’ where you ended up with multiple threads. I was just trying to 1) focus all the useful responses in one spot, and 2) call attention to the moderators that the ‘hiccup’ had occurred.