Should I buy a Sonos product?

  • 5 November 2016
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Im moving into my own appartment into a few weeks and I wanted to buy something to play my music around my room.
I have only two rooms from which one is my bedroom, so im interested in the Play:1 or maybe the Play:3.
Now there is a problem I encountered while doing some research on these speakers. Obviously the best way to play my music on these speakers is by using my phone as controller, but im using a Nokia which has Windows Phone on it. I found out that there is no Sonos app for the Windows Phone.

Is it worth buying a Sonos speaker when I cant use my phone as controller? Or should I just look further to some other brand, maybe one which uses bluetooth instead of wifi?

Thanks in advance.


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8 replies

Sure, just get a $50 Amazon tablet as a controller, or wait for Alexa voice control of Sonos via a $50 Echo Dot. Bluetooth speakers generally sound pretty bad, and most won't stereo pair, which gives Sonos a huge advantage. Plus, every sound your phone makes, which is a lot, will play through your Bluetooth speaker, and mute the music. Annoying, very annoying.
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I echo chicks point of view. If you currently have no android or iOS devices the $50 amazon is a good option.
Do You think there Will be a Windows Phone app anytime soon? I might also just wait for the New nokia, which runs on android. Not sure though I really like WP10.
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No way of knowing that.
Actually, there is a way of knowing. Sonos has definitively stated they will not be developing a Windows Mobile or Universal Platform app. They are instead concentrating on Voice Control and Direct Control from third party apps, both of which make the current controller apps into secondary or tertiary controllers.
So I could just stick to my Windows Phone and try to find a Third party app to control my Sonos device?
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Or get a cheap controller as suggested earlier.
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Phonos is the name of one third-party app that will work for Windows Phone.

Personally, though, I hardly use my phone to control my Sonos speakers. I have a laptop in my living room that I use... a desktop PC in my office... and a tablet in my bedroom.