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  • 13 November 2023
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After moving in a new flat, I was looking at SONOS option for some weeks, and would like to finalise my order, but I thought to send a short message to be sure that my possible future set up will work well.


I have a “big” open room with a Kitchen, a Leaving Room and a Music Studio with existing speakers(see plan attached) and I would like to have it all connected through wifi. But based  on my budget, I am considering to buy some older generation SONOS speakers such as Play 5 and/or Play 3 with newer model ONE SL and Move.  But if I keep the Play 5 Gen 1, I will have to stay on S1 app.


For me, the most important is to be able to hear all “traditional” output everywhere (Turntable, Mixing Table Output) as well as mobile and Computer output through Wifi. 


Do you think that the setup attached would work, and do you have advice on the few questions there:

- to connect the turntable, is a Play 5 Gen 1 stereo pair  better than and Play 3 Stereo pair + Connect?

- do I need a connect AMP to connect the mixing table output with my existing speaker, and will the sound outputted form the mixing table be outputted “everywhere through  wifi” with this setup?

- should I replace the existing Yamaha Speakers with a stereo SONOS set up to avoid delay if I want to have all speakers on?

- is the SONOS Sub Gen 3 an important element in the set up, and will it play with the Yamaha Speakers well?


Thanks a lot for your answers.



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In order to stream to multiple rooms, Sonos adds a 75ms buffer to all input sources.  This buffer means the Line-In lags behind the source, making any live performance like mixing or DJ’ing near impossible.  Simply put, Sonos is not made for live performances.