Samsung HW-K450 and Sonos

  • 23 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I have a Samsung smart TV connected to a Samsung HW-K450 wirelessly, using Sound Connect - it cannot be wired as there's not enough space. I also have two SONOS PLAY:1, which atm I'm just using for music. What's my best option to keep TV and soundbar on their wireless connection, and add in the two SONOS PLAY:1?
The soundbar doesn't have a line out.
I thought of getting a sonos connect wired to the TV, but I'm not sure if I can output to two sources at the same time

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2 replies

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I'm unclear as to what you want to do specifically. when you say "add a connect"... are you thinking of adding it as a "source"/input to the TV hoping to get Sonos sourced audio out of the Samsung system as well as the Play 1's?

Or are you wanting to use the connect to have the audio output from the TV going to the Connect, using the TV as a "source" on the line in so you can get the sound of the TV to the Sonos system?

I'm not sure the latter will work... your TV would need to be capable of sending audio out to the Sound Connect as well as another sound output ... not sure about yours, but I know my TV can't do this... Mine has an optical out, but if that is selected, that is it...

Likely not the answer you want, but for the latter option.... well... that is what the playbar is for. ... There is always kijiji / ebaly for the Samsung k450 🙂
Using PLAY:1s for TV sound with the Samsung soundbar isn't going to work. It would require a Sonos unit such as a CONNECT to take an analog Line-In, and there'd be a 70ms delay through the Sonos which in combination with audio from the soundbar would produce a horrible echo.