Samsung Frame without Soundbar - Ceilng Setup

  • 28 January 2023
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I am in the process of building a new house and we are in the framing stage. We are getting a new TV (Samsung Frame) which will be mounted over a fireplace.


We currently have a Sonos Sound Bar , and two Ikea Bookshelf speakers set to surround sound.

Mounting a Sound Bar is not going to be feasible above the fireplace since it is a frame TV. 

Since we are willing to buy all new equipment and prefer to go ceiling, what us the best option? Do I need bookshelf Speakers?

Also, we like to extend 2 ceiling speakers in the kitchen area to extend music or tv as well.



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Hi @LandonT 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Ikea Bookshelf speakers cannot be used as front speakers for Home Theatre. You could, however, get a pair of third-party, passive bookshelf speakers and connect them to a Sonos Amp, which in turn would connect to the TV. Your existing Ikea Bookshelves could still be used as the rear surrounds. This is what I have installed at home (but with Play:1s as surrounds).

In-Ceiling speakers are not recommended for Home Theatre use, as speakers should be at the viewer’s head height. Having said that, In-Ceiling speakers would perform better as surrounds than as front speakers. In-Wall speakers would be preferable for either position, if they are an option for you - again with an Amp.

Note that if you plan on using passive speakers for both front and rear, you will need two Amps. Only one connects to the TV though. Both Amps should ideally be located in the same room (within 5GHz WiFi range for the low-latency direct wireless link to work).

In-Ceiling speakers would be good for the Kitchen/Dining area. Please be aware that TV audio played here will likely be out of sync slightly, as, in an effort to keep lip-sync with the TV picture, the main Home Theatre device will not wait for network buffering before playing audio. If you can hear both rooms at the same time (which, in your case, you will) this will sound like an echo/reverberation. Music sources will play in sync, however. You’ll need a separate Amp for individual control in the Kitchen.

I hope this helps.


I agree with every things Corry said, but to be honest, this is a situation where Sonos is probably not the best option.  Sonos is best where wireless situations, and since your still framing, you can wire everything.

I would get a traditional receiver for wired passive speakers.  For the front left and right, I’d place bookshelf speakers in the bookshelves.  I’d put a center channel on the mantel, if you have one, or inset into the wall (or in wall) if you do not.  If you can’t or don’t want to do that, then maybe Sonos is the right call since they can do amp with phantom center channel.  

For the rear, they should be on the backwall if there is one.  If not, ceiling behind the seating area is best shot.  I would go ahead and at least wire for atmos speakers.  You could put the receiver itself (or Sonos amps) in the bookcase or a nearby closet.

If you don’t go with Sonos for the home theatre setup, then I would get a port.  That will allow you to connect whatever system you get to the rest of your Sonos speakers for multiroom audio.