Replace sub & play:1 pair with connect & JBL LSR305?

  • 8 April 2018
  • 1 reply

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Hi all,

Currently I have my Sonos sub with a play:1 stereo pair in my man-cave. However, I am thinking of moving this back into my living room/dining room and replacing my man-cave setup with a connect and a pair of JBL LDR305’s. Any thoughts/opinions on my plan? Should I expect a drop/improvement or mearly a change in sound quality?


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1 reply

I haven't heard the well regarded JBLs, but I suspect what you will hear is a different sound as what usually happen when you change a speaker. Will you prefer the new sound or not is close to impossible for anyone but yourself to say, after a listen.

Since you are used to what the Sub delivers I would look at the 308 units though.