Regarding 5.1 TV setup

  • 30 May 2017
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I know that this question has been asked before in other post, but I want to ask for my case specifically.

I'm trying to figure out if Sonos is right for me. On the surface it seems like the perfect solution but I'm not sure yet.

I have a Pioneer VSX-930 setup with Dali Concept 10 front speaking and a Dali Concept center speaking. The rear speakers are of a cheaper kind and the sub is a also of different make (but I've actually used the system without the sub a year now).
I have my PC, PS4 and Xbox One connected to the receiver via HDMI and the receiver is connected to the TV via HDMI (LG 65UF860V). Now, I know that I won't get the same sound quality with the Sonos 5.1 system but I think the benefits will outweigh the negatives, which are streaming, possibility of adding other units to the house, fewer cables and more compact units.

The idea is to connect PC, PS4 and Xbox One to the TV via HDMI and connect the TV to the Playbar via optical cable (this is the setup I hear people use). I would also buy two Play 1 for rear speakers and maybe a sub later. The PS4 and Xbox can send out DD5.1 so that part should work fine. As far as I can see my PC can also send out Dolby Digital and I can change the setup from the sound menu (7.1, 5.1 with side or rear speakers, 2.1 and so on), so my guess is that it can send out 5.1 properly to the Sonos system, right?
Of course, all this will only work if my LG 65UF860V can pass DD5.1 through the optical cable. I've heard others talk about LG models that can do this, but not my model in particular. In the LG sound menu it says Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus. It doesn't say 5.1, but maybe it does when the Playbar is connected? Or is 5.1 implicit in the Dolby Digital label?

I guess I can always send the optical cables from the units directly in the Playbar with an optical switch but I would rather have an easier solution with less cables.

Maybe all I need for an answer is a yes or no, but if there's anything else I've overlooked please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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2 replies

I don't have any answers for you, just a couple comments. First, of your 4 problems you have to solve, streaming and whole house audio can be solved just by getting a CONNECT. Really though, you should be able to stream through your PC, PS4, or xbox without too much trouble as well. Of course, the CONNECT won't help you with reducing wires and compact size.

You can reduce the size by getting smaller speakers As for wiring, I think you're going to have a lot of wiring no matter what since you have 3 separate inputs. I don't know if it's going to be better to have three inputs and an output on your tv, versus having just one output to tv if you used the receiver. Yes, you have all the speaker wire with the receiver too, but receivers are a little easier to hiding wiring in many scenarios.

I don't know if the PLAYBAR works with your tv. You could call LG's tech support and ask them. Sonos also has a 45 day return possibility, so you can return if it doesn't work. I guess if I was in your shoes, I'd call LG to confirm, then talk to Sonos to hear what they say about the plan, and go from there. If they say it works, I'd give it a test run. If not, then I'd look to get a CONNECT.
I thought about the Connect too and maybe it's a good place to start. The reason I'm thinking about changing the whole system to Sonos is that the new place I'm moving to is perfect when it comes to power sources close to where the rear speakers would be, but quite inconvenient when it comes to speaker cables. That is one of the reasons at least.
I was also thinking about setting up my record player and amp in another room with the Connect, to have the analog vinyl experience but the ability to broadcast that sound to the living room. So I could, as you say, start with the Connect and then upgrade at a later point.
But it's probably a good idea to check with LG about the audio output anyway. Thanks!