recieved Sonos Arc replacement…unprofessional

  • 26 September 2021
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I purchased my Sonos a few months ago and it started making a blaring noise out of no where. It was so loud to a point it would wake us up in the middle of the night. After going back and forth with their support (I had to send video evidence). They agreed to ship me another unit.  Since I had originally thrown away the box that came with it, I paid over $40 dollars to get it packaged by UPS. The return Unit I received came in a tattered box and was moving while in the box and they also did not ship the power supply which they were adamant that I ship back with them. I’m taken back at the way this was sent to me being that his is a $800 unit. 

1 reply

Forgot to add pic. Notice how it is freely floating in the box. I’ll be surprised if it powers up. (That’s if they send me the power supply..) I also paid for the subwoofer…it makes me question this product  going forward.