Questions related to upgrading to Sonos S2 System

  • 16 August 2022
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I just purchased a Move for my outdoor living area and noticed it required S2 Controller. 

My Home theatre system currently has a SUB (Gen2), Playbar, and 2 x Sonos One SL. I am using an Bridge and i have a old Connect that I am not using in my new home.  Sonos is offering me trade in credits on the Bridge, Connect and the Playbar (even though the Playbar will still be supported on the S2)

2 questions. First, Bridge to Boost upgrade? Yes or no?  I have read the articles about connecting directly to my WiFi versus using the Bridge and creating a Sono separate network.

Second, They had recommended that i upgrade the Playbar and are offering the credit, if i upgrade what would be the upgrade?  they have 3 sound bars (Ray - Beam and Arc) my thinking is the Arc would be my upgrade for a home theatre system i have using the Sub and the 2 One SL’s?


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1 reply

I wouldn’t upgrade the BRIDGE to the BOOST, unless you don’t have a speaker close enough to wire directly to your router. They can all hang off of your wifi just as well. However, that being said, I’m a happy user of a BOOST myself.

The “upgrade” for the Sonos PLAYBAR would be a Sonos Arc. I did it myself (twice) and am quite happy. It allows me to do Atmos. But on the other hand, it’s not required at all, and you could hold on to all of the available upgrades, as everything you listed except the BRIDGE can run S2. 

Everything you have currently connected to the PLAYBAR could easily be moved over to the Arc. Or, if you wanted to go smaller/less capable, the Beam or the Ray.