Question on Upgrading to new Sonos Products Gradually over Time

  • 14 June 2023
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I am wondering which products I should upgrade and in what order since I cannot upgrade everything at once. I’d rather do it gradually. My current system has 3 Play:1 devices, 1 Connect, 1 Play:3, and 1 Playbar.  I use a sonos connect with a turntable.  It’s not completely reliable anymore especially if it is used with a device that is farther away in the house. One of the Play:1 devices is connected to my router. I’d rather not have to do that if it was possible.  

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5 replies






In that order.  You can disconnect the Play:1 from the router now and go full wireless, however you still have the older products that preceded wireless setup, and they are still optimal under the wired setup, aka Sonosnet. 


See this link:


Thank you for your response.  To replace the connect, is there a better option that buying the Sonos Port?  

Thank you for your response.  To replace the connect, is there a better option that buying the Sonos Port?  


Better?  Depends on what functions you are using.  If you are using it to send Sonos output to a receiver or Amplifier, the Port is the only device which does so.  If you are using the Port for a Line-Input only, an Era 100 with line-in adapter is a less expensive alternative.  

Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this topic. I too have an older system I can’t afford to upgrade all at once. 

What factors should I look at in particular to help me prioritize - build, software, hardware, Sonos OS, series?   Which of the older ones no longer sync with the newer models (or won’t in the near future?). Which of the older ones don’t work with True Play?

How much better are the newer subs?  Is the mini sub worth it?

I have a wireless system, with a connect hooked up to my receiver in the living room, so I can listen to CDs and cassette tapes through my stereo speakers in the LR and all through the house. Something isn’t keeping up.  At higher volumes, my speakers are scratchy and come and go.  At lower volumes, sound is fine up close, but I can’t hear them if I’m not right by the speakers.  

Looking for suggestions - do I need a new Connect? Do I need new speakers (they do the same thing a bit when I play radio or CDs directly from the receiver, but not as bad as when I play through the connect.) They are older speakers. 

Are there Sonos speakers I could get that would work with the receiver (with or without wires/with or with or without the connect)?  I’m looking for pretty deep, explosive sound, without distortions even at high volumes.   I assume I will need a sub too, and also appreciate any thoughts on the sub vs the minisub. 






Since posting this question here 8 months ago, I got rid of the connect and bought a Sonos Era 100 with the line in adapter and it is working great with the rest of my older sonos equipment. That was a good first step.