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  • 19 August 2013
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I am about to hire a projector to use to watch a movie but I am wondering if there is any way I can connect sonos to use for the sound of the movie? Kathy

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12 replies

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You would need a Sonos with an audio input (Soundbar, Connect, Connect:Amp, Play:5). The Soundbar accepts a Toslink digital connection. The rest accept an analog connection. The analog connection will add a little delay . . so if you are very sensitive to lipsync delay you could have issues. Your best bet would be a Soundbar connected to the projector or video source (but realize it has to be a Toslink digital connection).
But how do you connect the Soundbar to the audio source? If I have an Apple TV, a Soundbar, and a projector, with the soundbar and project at opposite ends of the room, how do I cable everything? A very long optical cable to the Soundbar? Or a very long HDMI cable from ATV to Projector?

How are you feeding the Projector now? The Apple TV has an Optic output an HDMI output. So if you connect the Projector with an HDMI for the Video and a Toslink to the Apple TV and then to the Sonos Soundbar you are good. If you don't have a HDMI cable run to the projector you could complete that with long HDMI, could be expensive depneding on the length, or use a Category 5/6 Balun converter you can get them online for a good price.
Thanks. This is still hypothetical, but it's the setup I'm considering. My fear is that, if the projector is mounted on the wall/ceiling, together with the Apple TV, then I'll need a very long Toslink to mount the Soundbar on the wall behind/under the screen. Or I could put the Apple TV near the Soundbar, and then would need a very long HDMI cable to reach the projector on the wall/ceiling.

Are there better ways to do this? My priorities are projector and apple TV. The Soundbar would be a great addition, if I can get it to work.
What is the application of the room, do you have attic area or crawl space under the house? Or are you in an apartment?
Not sure yet, but let's assume no attic or crawlspace. I can mount the projector on the ceiling and sound bar on the wall, but can't put wiring inside the ceiling or walls.
I see that Epson has wireless HDMI. That would solve the problem. Anyone know if it works well?
Epsob makes a nice projector but I haven't seen that unit. It would nice solution
I have this exact same problem. What is the easiest way to connect a ceiling-mounted projector using an Apple TV to a Soundbar on the opposite end of the room?

gsiebengartner seems to have summarized the two options well:

(1) Run a very long HDMI cable from the projector across the room to the the projector screen area, where it will connect to the Apple TV, and then use a small Toslink cable to connect the Apple TV to the Sonos Playbar.

(2) Keep the Apple TV plugged into the projector, and run a very long Toslink cable from the projector across the room to the projector screen area, where it will connect to the Sonos Playbar. The advantage here is that the Sonos Playbar would play anything connected to the projector as opposed to just the Apple TV (right?)

Are there other options I'm missing? Anything that could wrong or that I'm not thinking of?
Question... I am trying to connect my projector, with AV cable to the AMP and cannot get sound to come out? Ideas?
What's an "AV" cable? What input on the CONNECT do you have it connected to? What kind of projector do you have, and what audio ouput are you using on this projector? What settings do you have for the line input on the CONNECT? And do you have a CONNECT:AMP or just a CONNECT?