Pre existing built in speakers

  • 16 November 2016
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Hello, I am a "newbie" with SONOS. I have not bought one but know I want to. I am not sure if I need the Connect or Connect:Amp? My situation is; I have a home with built in speakers (installed by the builder two years ago). I have a main "socket" on my second floor with an RCA and IR plugin for the speakers. I have 2 speakers on the first floor and basement and both floors have a control for power, volume, and source for the speakers. I am not sure what all of this means. Right now I play music over my computer but I can plug my iPod or smartphone in with the jack and play music. I want the ability to play music from my device anywhere but I don't know if I need the amp. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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2 replies

Addition: I have a LyriQ Flush mounted single source input (AU1004) and LyriQ Au5010 keypads. I can hook my portabel device to them and play without issues is that helps any.
Welcome to Sonos and our community, nmeinze. The difference between the CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP is essentially the built-in amplifier in the CONNECT:AMP. The CONNECT:AMP uses the amplifier to send audio to non-powered speakers, and the CONNECT sends audio to a third party receiver or amplifier, which will send audio out to various speakers in the house.

If you are using a third party receiver or amplifier in the house, the CONNECT is your best option. If you you are not using a third party amplifier or receiver and want to send your digital audio directly to unpowered built in speakers, you'll want to use the CONNECT:AMP.

It appears the LyriQ source input accepts RCA cables, so if you want to use this, the CONNECT is what you'll want to use. I'd recommend discussing with your local A/V specialist for more information about the LyriQ components.

As a side note, both the CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP both have line-in RCA support, if you want to bring third party audio into your Sonos system.