Playbar vs Playbase

  • 6 September 2017
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With the current 15% off promotion, I am tempted to get a Playbase or a Playbar ...but I am not sure which would be the best..

In our set-up, we have a wall mounted TV but just below that is a glass/metal shelf unit that houses an old Bose system (rarely used as my wife doesn't like the surround sound), a Sky HD box, a PC and a router.

As the Bose will be going - I could either mount a Playbar on the wall between the TV and the unit - or get a Playbase and place this on top, or inside the unit.

Is there any noticeable sound quality differences between the bar and the base? Any other differences?

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6 replies

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They have basically the same functionality. The base has more room for the bass to resonate withing the unit so will probably sound better if bass is your thing.
Not only more room, but an extra speaker to drive through that extra room.

I'd recommend going to a local shop to listen to both before making your decision, but without that option, I'd agree with bockersjv, especially if your TV can fit on top of it.
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Just one note, you almost definitely don't want to put a Playbase inside of something.
From all I read here, isn't it more important to be sure of compatibility of the alphabet soup of video formats with what Sonos can deliver? There seems to be significant buyer remorse on this subject from some posters here...
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As others have said, this is very subjective - test them before you buy and don't rely on others mixed opinions.
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I have both and if im honest i think the playbar sounds better, i would say there is more depth and has a better overall sound. I bought a playbase because i bought a new tv and the playbar sat a bit to high in front of the tv so the playbase made more sense.i have since moved the playbar into my room.