• 27 November 2016
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Hi, I've recently bought the playbar, it sounds really nice, and I'm planning on buying a sub next, even though the bass is actually very good for a soundbar.

Anyway, the only thing it's bothering me, is that sometimes when people talk I hear a crackling sound, like if some speaker can't handle it.

This is the setup:

- only the playbar
- Samsung UEJU48
- I use the optic output from the TV
- volume is around 40%.
- factory settings, nothing altered.

The sound source is Netflix, it's not an old show (House of Cards), so I doubt it's bad sound quality.

Not all voices produce this, I'd say less than 10% of the time, however is noticeable.

Any suggestions/questions are welcome.


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6 replies

Sorry my question was cut off probably because of a special character (
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Try a new optical cable if you can. The sound will crackle if they are damaged or aren't seated properly.
I strongly disagree with that, it doesn't make sense that only certain high pitches voices do that and everything else is fine.
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Well don't try it then, but I figured I'd suggest it because I have experienced issues just as you described twice over the years and both times it was caused by a bad cable. I finally stopped using optical altogether and I've never had that problem since, I only use coax cables.
I understand, however it still doesn't make sense, I'm using the cable that comes with the playbar btw.

The pop/crack sound is like when you watch a bad quality youtube video, and someone talks, that very same sound.

It's more noticeable with the speech enhanced feature activated.
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That's what my system was doing also, and the cables had been in use for some time before they started acting up. It didn't make any sense to me either, but it was indeed the problem. It may not be what's wrong with your system but it was for me so I just thought I'd throw that out there. I only spent a few dollars on another cheap cable to confirm the issue.