Play5 (2nd Gen) - Recommendation on Speaker Stands?

  • 3 February 2016
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I am a current Play5 user of the 1st generation speakers. I recently mounted them on some Flexson speaker stands and I am delighted with the product. I know Flexson has a new stand for the 2nd gen. Play5 but I can't find them in the U.S. (California to be exact). I would take a recommendation on other options or...if you know of a local reseller that deals in Flexson.

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36 replies

Flexson has listened. They have now brought out a vertical stand. I haven't seen them, but knowing how thoughtful their design is generally, I would assume that they will be stable.
Ya - only problem is if you look at their website they are always "out of stock" - no idea when these truly will be available. Same for the horizontal. I've checked them for quite a while and always the same "out of stock" status. Crutchfield stopped selling their horizontal version as well - I imagine because they couldn't get any new product.
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There aren't any of the vertical on amazon and for horizontal there are a couple used white ones, and one new black one, for the lovely price of $558 + $34 shipping... They just aren't really available right now - hopefully Flexson eventually starts manufacturing them again. My guess is they had a quality issue or some other reason, but the sources for new ones have dried up, even from Flexson directly.

Please design and make your own speaker stands.
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Sonos Forum denizens: a super affordable option for an L-R vertical placement of the Play:5 generation 2's is to use Home Depot $13 10" corner glass shelves with a contemporary mounting bracket. Pics from my temporary apartment abode follow. (Custom square or rectangular sized 3/8 or heavier glass shelving is a bit more but much less than Plexsons!) Acoustically, they seem to manage well and they look clean in my eye's mind.
I ordered a pair of these speaker stands for my 2 Play:5s set up as a stereo pair:
Vebos floor stand Sonos Play 5 gen 2 black - vertical
These look good and should work very well. Just be careful of stability given the small footprint of the speakers in vertical compared to their weight and place them in the room keeping that in mind. Use Trueplay to take care of the little compromise you may have to make for achieving a safe placement.
I don't get why I'd pay $300 for the pair of Flexson stands. I can get something that appears equivalent on Amazon for $40 / pair. I assume I'm missing something, so would love to hear thoughts on why a small poll with a platform at the top is worth $150. I'm not trying to be cynical or argue, just looking for input before I go with the cheapo pair. Thanks.
If the cheap pair fulfils the needs for a stable platform that allows for speakers to be safely placed at about ear level in listening position, and meets your aesthetic needs, get the cheap ones by all means. Be careful about stability - and I would say that about any stand - the 5 units are heavy and if placed vertically, the entire structure may even be top heavy.
Hi Folks,
I too am looking for one stand. I,m thinking landscape mode. But as this speaker will be beside a chesterfield and an end table I need something tall. The other 5 will sit quite high on top of kitchen cupboard and a set of Bose cienematic sitting on fireplace mantle. Therefore im thinking I need a stand that places the 5 at a height of roughly 36-48 inches. I've not seen anything that height and wall mount won't work for us. So any new suggestions or do I need to talk to my carpenter?