Play 5 or Connect to connect with Vinyl Player

Curious if anyone has used a Play 5 to connect to RCA cables of a Vinyl Player. Can you then stream to your others SONOS speakers in the house? Is there an advantage or disadvantage to this as compared to connecting to the SONOS Connect?

Best answer by Kumar 5 April 2018, 17:24

No, in this use the 5 will work exactly as the Connect, including staying silent if ordered to. With the additional obvious option of also playing music.
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No, in this use the 5 will work exactly as the Connect, including staying silent if ordered to. With the additional obvious option of also playing music.
I’ve not done it, but other than the connectors (RCA vs 3.5mm) it should be exactly the same.

Both work the same. You can send the signal to any Sonos speaker in your system. On the PLAY:5, you don’t have to play it on that speaker, you can send it to any speaker you want.
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“Vinyl Player”? Is that what they’ve calling turntables these days? :8
Hi, would love to hook up a record / vinyl player to my Sonos system which is a mixture of play 1’S, a play 3 and a couple of Sonos ones (for Alexa). I’m torn as whether or not to buy a Connect, a Connect Amp or a Play 5??? I understand I need to buy a good quality record player with a preamp, that’s fine but which of the 3 Sonos products so as to have the viny playing throughout the house on the Sonos system? Will any of the 3 Sonos products do that for me? Help appreciated - thanks
See reply to the same post in the other thread.
Thanks Kumar, that’s exactly the response I was hoping for 🆒
Hi, I cant figure out how to start a new thread so apologies for piggybacking this one.
I've recently ordered a play 5 to connect to my (vintage) Trio turntable and amp. My question is looking at the back of my amp (picture attached) will a stereo mini to RCA Y-audio cable be all I need to connect the Play 5 to it. will the split end of the RCA go into this..??

Oh and if someone can explain how i start a new thread too, I'd be grateful 🙂
I'm pretty sure you'd connect the RCA end to the Tape Recorder REC connections on the back of that amp. And of course, the mini plug goes in to the back of the PLAY:5. Note that the PLAY:5(s...and any other Sonos speakers you have) will not be in sync with the ones you have connected to the amp. There's a processing penalty of at least 75ms for the use of that analog input on the Sonos. So it won't be easy to play things on both sets of speakers at the same time, unless you like a stadium/amphitheater kind of sound :)

Now to the harder part of your question 🙂 I rarely start my own threads, but as I recall, it's done this way:

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Hope this helps!
Ummm, I think I'm wrong. I think you'd actually connect to the Tape Recorder's PLAY RCA jacks.
Hi and thanks for the reply, I found out how to start a thread..!

I’ve tried using the tape play jacks but cannot get any sound to the speaker, I’m a bit frustrated now, can’t understand why it’s not making any sound...?