Play 5 and two 1's

  • 29 November 2016
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I currently have a play 5 that I've been using in a large living room for about 2 months. While I really like it, I often feel it has trouble filling the entire room. Anyway, I recently bought two play 1's (black Friday sale) that I planned on putting in a bedroom and kitchen for the full multi-room experience. However, I think I made the mistake of testing out the two 1's (stereo-paired) in the same room as the 5...the sound was absolutely incredible, a full surround system experience, and now I'm more conflicted than ever on what to do.

I moved the 1's into their intended spots in the kitchen and bedroom, and while the multi-room experience is cool, I'm not crazy about how the 1's sound as stand-alone speakers (especially after listening in conjunction with the 5). What's the best approach from here? I don't want to spend that much more money here, but do want that surround sound in the living room back. Should I move the 1's back in the living room and get a 3 for the bedroom? Or perhaps pair another 5 in the living room (will this sound better than a 5 and two 1's?) and just be happy with the 1's?

Sorry, I know this is a petty problem but would love suggestions on how to get the best sound for my apartment (1 Bedroom, large living room, hallway and kitchen).

Thank you!

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1 reply

You have to first answer the question: What is your budget for this today?