Play 3, gen 2


I currently own 2 x ones and plan to purchase a play 5 in the near future. Holding back right now as I find it rather large. Does anyone know if Sonos intend to bring out a gen 2 Play 3 anytime soon? I think the size would be perfect

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None of us in the public know for sure. There's some speculation that the S18 that hit the FCC yesterday might be a PLAY:3 replacement. Sonos won't tell us anything until shortly before whatever that thing is goes on sale.
No I am afraid nobody knows. Or at least, nobody who is going to tell.
I am hoping that there will be a follow-on to the Play 3. It would be perfect as I would like to see a product between the One and the 5. There is a wide gap between these two products.
So you said in the other thread.


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