Play 1and Att Uverse

  • 19 June 2016
  • 3 replies

Recently converted from Comcast to Att Uverse.
My Play 1 device worked with Comcast but not with Att Uverse. It seems to be something with the wireless connection
Thoughts, suggestions please

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3 replies

1/ On a change of router you must reboot every device on the network (or totally disconnect and reconnect them) so they acquire new addressing intormation.

2/ With a change of WiFi, Sonos units which worked with the old router's WiFi clearly won't work immediately. See
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Please indicate which AT&T Residential Gateway that you have. I have been through three AT&T RG since my system was installed when it first came out. Listed below are the three RG's that I have da and all of them have worked with SONOS.

PACE Plc 5268AC -- Current RG
Motorola NVG589
2WIRE 3801

The Motorola NVG589 was replaced after repeated lockups with the PACE Plc 5268AC. After about 6 hours the PACE Plc 5268AC started to do the same thing. I would lose all SONOS and Internet access.

I have been working through the issue and have narrowed it down to a SONOS PLAY 5 that is wired to a Dell 2816 Switch. After extensive testing it looks like I may have a problem with cabling and need to check the patch cables, wall plates and in wall cabling. I recently had some AC and plumbing work done in the attic and this may have damaged the Ethernet cable.

The PLAY 5 works correctly when plugged into the same port on the DELL 2816 switch using a new 25 foot CAT5E Ethernet Cable.

Also please indicate whether you are using a Ethernet or SONOS Net as the primary device.

Open the SONOS application and select Help About my SONOS system. In the dialog box look at the entries and check the WM entry. WM = 0 indicates that you are using SONSO Net. VM = 1 indicates that you are using a standard Ethernet connection. NOTE: If your SONOS device is not getting a IP address then you will not be able to view this information.

You can use a utility similar to the SolarWinds IP Address Tracker ( application to scan your network and determine devices that are connected and the assigned IP Address.

Since you just changed your router, please review your DHCP settings. On the AT&T routers that I have used the default DHCP server will assign addresses in the range of thru is reserved by the AT&T Residential Gateway
A friend and I are both having issues with Uverse - PACE 5268AC. Kills the network sporadically. Luckily, I have only one Sonos. Not ideal, but currently I just unplug it when I use the internet for anything but music to be played on it. Then it works fine - usually. However, it does cut out occasionally. I will not be purchasing anymore Sonos until the issue is resolved.