• 17 September 2021
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I have 2 Play:1’s and I want to connect them to a Vizio Smart TV. What do I need? Connect, ConnectAmp, Soundbar? Thanks. 


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6 replies

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Play:1s aren’t designed to be used as TV speakers. You should consider getting a Sonos sound bar like an Arc or Beam and use the two Play:1s as rear surround speakers.

Depending on the size of the TV, you could go with a Beam or Arc right now. However, there’s some advantage to waiting, if you’re going to go with the Beam, on the next gen, which should be available sometime on or after October 5 according to

Not the the older version is a bad investment, just not quite as fully featured as the newer one. 

Thanks. I can wait for the next gen Beam. How does the Beam connect to the tv? How then do the Play:1s connect to the Beam? Thanks again. 

One more thing. The tv is outside in a covered outdoor kitchen and it’s 65” diagonal. 

The Beam connects via an ARC (HDMI) connection, but is not designed for outdoor use (temperatures and humidity could be an issue). You can also use the included adapter to connect to a TV via the optical port, and the adapter transfers that data to the HDMI ARC connection on the back of the Beam.

Since you’re talking about use outside, I’d recommend looking at other speaker manufacturers. There’s not a well designed solution (without some compromises) made by Sonos for outdoor TV use, currently. 

Thanks for the help.