Picking the right combination of speakers (Fives and Moves)

  • 29 July 2020
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I realize this is not likely a great question, but I’m wondering if anyone has some input or experience they’d share before I buy some speakers for an outside deck, about 500 square feet.  Basically, would it be a better purchase be to get 3 Moves to cover that space, or 2 Moves and 1 Five to cover the deck?  Just wondering if the one Five will provide a range that a third Move wouldn't and would improve the overall sound.    thank you - Dan

5 replies

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Hi @kadargo.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

We appreciate your interest in getting the Sonos product(s).

Some of the community members might provide their own opinion about this, and it will be highly appreciated.

Alternatively, you may also reach out to our sales team for a more thorough discussion on what's on sale, what functionalities you can take advantage of, and what options you have to get the most out of the Sonos product(s).


If you have any other questions,  please do not hesitate to reach out.

I’m not a fan of using a Five outside, it’s not rated for use in that environment, although I think there are some people who have mounted the outside in areas that they consider covered. I’d imagine that would immediately cancel any potential warranty on the product, though. 

Don’t have any experience with the Move, but at least those would be easier to move in and out as necessary. I’d be careful about appropriate Wi-Fi coverage on the deck to ensure they all get a good enough signal to connect.

If it were me, I’d be much more likely to get externally rated speakers, and mount them outside, wiring them to a Sonos Amp inside the house. That way, I’d get the value of the Sonos system, without having to move speakers in and out all the time, or worry about potential electrocution.


Thank you, all good points.  Had I known (even now) where the speakers would go, when we built the deck, I would have loved to have had them hardwired too.  I’m still not sure.  Based on this conversation, I’m likely to go with the Moves as I also don’t know of another situation I’d ‘need’ the Five.  If the Move is as good/better than the One - then I think I’m good.

The Move is battery powered, and designed to be ‘carried’ to outside locations. It isn’t rated to stay outside. 

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Interesting that I found this thread. An installer I was talking with today regarding outdoor coverage hinted at this with Blue Sound.  I’m a Sonos user and I immediately thought of a few Sonos Five’s in a Florida covered lanai area.  If you know FL, some lanai’s are quite large and sheltered.  Ours is 790 sq ft of covered area and I was thinking a few Five’s is better than the Sonance+Amp combo, maybe I’m wrong.  It’s so covered that no sun or rain would ever reach the mounting area.  Does this sound like a bad idea?