Outdoor speakers

  • 16 August 2016
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Want my sonos system to work outdoors can I link this up ? Use sonos outdoors ?

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10 replies

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As long as you are either in range of your Wi-Fi network or SonosNet or connect via long LAN cable then your speaker will work. You may have issues controlling it if you don't have network coverage outside but you can start music indoors and then go outside.
Any waterproof / outdoor speakers available ?
No, none from Sonos, but plenty from a bunch of other makers. Wire them back to inside the home, connect the wires to a Sonos Connect Amp placed inside the house for sound out of doors.
Thanks all
Would you suggest a Connect or Connect Amp for outdoor speakers?
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Would you suggest a Connect or Connect Amp for outdoor speakers?The best way to do outdoor speakers with Sonos is a CONNECT:AMP powering speakers designed for outdoor usage. Especially if you go the route of speakers designed to be hidden into the landscape.
Got it. Thanks very much. They are going to hang on a wall facing the deck. Thinking about Bose. Anyone have ideas about speaker selection?!
I have used a Bose 251 pair in a similar set up for over ten years now. Very good music makers, if installed per Bose recommendations.
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I am using 6 Polk Atrium 8 speakers for my yard. Powered by connect amps. They have been terrific. There are also speakers from definitive technology that have good reviews.

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Second the Bose 251 recommendation. Had my pair for over a dozen years and they still sound great and been outside the entire. A perfect match for the Connect:amp. Normally not a huge Bose fan, but these are easy to recommend.