Opinion - Arc VS Playbar

  • 13 June 2020
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Hi everyone, I got the Arc a few days ago, I have issues with bass and to round this up I am not so impressed with the product especially at this price point. I still have my Beam but I never quite liked it, especially for music.

I am considering getting the Playbar, I know it sounds backwards but I cannot play Dolby Atmos content, only 5.1 so I wanted to ask Playbar and Arc owners their opinions.

Before the Arc comes out the Playbar was unanimously better than the Beam in terms of sound. What I would love to know is if the Arc is much better than the Playbar on its own and if it is noticeably better in a home theatre set up with Sonos ones + Sub? How is the dialogue on the Playbar compared to the Arc?

Again I am not so much interested in the Atmos side of things, only music and Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks.


I really appreciate your help, cheers!

4 replies

I have found the Arc to be a definite upgrade to the PLAYBAR, even with the fact I’m stuck on 5.1 with my Vizio TVs. 

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I only really liked my Playbar formusic once I bought the Sub. 

I think the PLAYBAR although older would give you better value for money.

I happen to own both currently, I pre-ordered the ARC and in retrospect should have stayed with it, sound quality coming from the PLAYBAR is great. What you getting in the ARC is one HDMI connection which connects to your TV only, no passthrough or connecting other devices. 

Really disappointed as I was expecting more from SONOS Atmos bar experience , the main reason why i upgraded. The only way to get this is by upgrading your TV to eARC but some users seem to still have issues with this. 

Guess I’m stuck with DD 5.1  and buyers remorse. Maybe, I should of gone with another brand, but having so many SONOS products in every room.


Since my TV doesn’t pass an Atmos signal, I am comparing the Arc to the PLAYBAR using only a Dolby Digital signal. I find the sound quality of the Arc to be superior to the PLAYBAR, which I found excellent. It seems ‘crisper’ in some fashion, and the wider soundstage is very much appreciated for my larger TV set. 

I do have an HDFury device on order so I can test the Atmos experience, but I’m not sad I upgraded already. The PLAYBAR was great, the Arc is just that much more. I’m thinking strongly about upgrading my TV to one with eARC now.