One SL (2020) or Play3 (2017) as surround speakers?

  • 2 December 2020
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I am setting up my cinema / music room with Sonos. I have purchased an Arc, a Gen3 Sub and a pair of One SL’s.

Unexpectedly I now have a free pair of 2017 Play3’s from elsewhere in my house.

Which will make the better surround speakers for my “best” system in the cinema / music room? The 2020 One SL’s or the 2017 Play3’s..? And why?

I would like to use the S2 App.

Thanks in advance.

1 reply

Either would be fine. I choose to use the Ones for surround speakers, and the PLAY:3s for music purpose. Although I’m not so sure there is a significant difference in sound at this point, given the knowledge and technological advance between the times they were designed.