One, OneSL or SYMFONISK Picture frame as surrounds speakers?

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi, anyone have experience with two Ikea frame speakers as left/right rears?


Best answer by Stanley_4 21 September 2022, 01:16

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I listened to the IKEA speakers long ago and wasn’t particularly impressed.

I went with the One SLs.

For me the extra expense for the unused voice hardware on the One didn’t make sense. It might if you decide to use them Ones elsewhere though.

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Thank you Stanley :)

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I have two of the symfonisk frames. After Trueplay, they sound very good. The One has a more balanced sound, and the symfonisk is a bit more bass heavy. They’d be about equal as surrounds.
I don’t use the symfonisks as surrounds because they’re not easy to integrate into the decor of a room as a surround set. They can look awkward as surrounds. Ikea has only released a very limited and…..”interesting” choice of replacement panels in the US.  There’s an option from an online source to have custom panels made, but it’s expensive. Ikea has more and better choices for the European market.

I love my symfonisk frames, but I use them in other places as individual speakers. The symfonisks are well built, but the Ones have a more high quality feel. I use Play:1s as surrounds, which sound identical to Ones. The One/One SL/Play:1 win as surrounds for me only because of room aesthetics. Bottom line is that the symfonisks would be great surrounds if your room is set up in a way that would work with their design.

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@Not An Opossum That's what I thought, as rear speakers they could sound alright. I do like some of the panels they sell and I do like the option to change them. In case I still don't like them for what ever reason, has anyone tried returning them to ikea?