One big room solutions please

  • 13 December 2016
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29 replies

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With four play 1 and two play 5 I am not sure you need anymore. Any reason why you want the ceiling speakers? Also Flexson has wall and ceiling mounts for play 1 if you want them up out of the way.

The flush ceiling speakers wouldn't go to a Play:5. You'd need a Connect:Amp for them. The Play:5 doesn't power other speakers. And you'd need to check the impedance on the 4 ceiling speakers to make sure that a single Connect:Amp would power them. Depending, it may take two.
The best sound quality is heard where the sound comes horizontally towards the ears in the listening position, and ceiling speakers are therefore always a compromise selected for their other advantages.Wall mounted 1 units placed two thirds of the way up, but aimed at the ears ought to meet both requirements - except that getting their wires to mains power out of sight might need some work.
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you can't hook flush mounted ceiling speakers to a play5. the play's are all in one speaker and amps.
if you want 4 flush mounted ceiling speakers (i have this exact same thing), you need to buy ceiling speakers (i have B&Ws) and 2 ConnectAmps.
you then run traditional speaker wire from connectamps to the speakers. each connectamp can power 2 speakers.

no way around plugging the play1 into the wall. these are amp'ed speakers. if you want to avoid this, buy non-sonos traditional bookshelf speakers and wire those to a ConnectAmp.

i'd check out a playbar instead of the play5 near the tv, imho.