Non Sonos Speaker Suggestions for Use with Amp

  • 29 October 2021
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I am looking for non Sonos speaker suggestions for use with the Sonos Amp. I already have a pair of the outdoor Sonance speakers in my yard connected to an Amp, and other than having to crank the volume up to 50% to be able to hear them , I am satisfied with their sound.

I was looking at the in-wall / in-ceiling sets, but they are way to large for use in my kitchen.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.






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3 replies

For a small space, a Sonos One pair would serve better. About the same sound quality as compact HiFi speakers, for a smaller overall footprint.

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If your kitchen is small, you might consider using a dual channel in-ceiling speaker.

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Something like this should be good. 88dB