Non-audiophile needs some speaker/HT guidance - open concenpt

  • 13 December 2021
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Hi everyone,

im in the process of doing a family room remodel and want to take the opportunity to have a better HT setup.

Some background: 

  • I am not an audiophile (appolgies :grinning: )
  • I have little kids
  • Something that is simple that works through the TV is my preferable approach (utopia of 1 remote).
  • I really don’t want to have an amp or somehting I need to switch on and play with to watch tv

I intend to get a Samsung Frame TV with a Sonos Arc.

This was really all I wanted todo, however I have an open concept living area, the family room and kitchen are one large space. There is no wall between the rooms, the couch is the separator.

Im concerned about noise from the kitchen impacting the ability to watch tv. I thought maybe having some speakers in the ceiling above the couch may help with the noise transfer and make watching tv more enjoyable and help cancel out some of the noise coming from the kitchen.

I see sonos have ceiling mount speakers. Am I able to wire these in and have them work with the Arc without any other equipment? What would others suggest to have a simple setup that helps reduce noise.

Would appreciate any advice!!






5 replies

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The Arc is a fantastic piece of kit--but, in my experience, it is very room sensitive (for example, vaulted ceilings pretty much kill overhead sounds from the upward firing speakers). I had the opportunity to audition both the Arc and the Beam 2 in a less than ideal room. The Beam 2 synthesizes overhead sounds and is therefore much more room “agnostic.” I was going to buy the Arc, but ended up buying a Beam 2 and Sonos One rears. It’s a great setup in my room. My advice is, if you can audition the Arc and or Beam 2 in your space, try to do so. You could also take a listen to both at your local Best Buy (but under very suboptimal conditions).

All the best,


Thanks Brian

so is there a difference between the One SL and the ceiling speakers?

In either case do they both work direct with the Arc/Beam, or do I need the amp to connect them?


The ceiling speakers would have ro be wired to a Sonos Amp. The One SLs just need to be plugged into power, as they are amplified speakers. 

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Hi, TM.

You don’t need the amp to connect the One SLs to the Beam 2 and have them work as rears; the Sonos 2 app handles that very well. The Beam 2 handles height information well on its own; with rears (as I understand it from reviews), it dedicates two additional drivers to height channels. Helicopters really do fly over your head with this setup and Atmos :) I’m not sure how ceiling speakers would work in a Sonos Home Theater setup, so I’m sorry, I can’t answer your question.

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I haven't really followed the threads, but there have been some issues with the Samsung Frame and Sonos soundbars. You had better investigate that. It may have been resolved.