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  • 15 August 2019
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I am currently building a home and would like to use Sonos as the brains of my audio for the home. I need some guidance as to what products I should be purchasing and how I should be laying things out.
I will list the rooms, what type of speakers and what I hope to do with them. Originally I was thinking of wiring everything to one point in mech room and having an amp in the family room for tv. Not sure how many of each and what would be best for my use.
All help and input is appreciated!!

2nd Floor
Master Bathroom : In ceiling speaker (music only)
Master Bedroom : 2 in ceiling speakers to play music and possibly tv audio
Laundry Room : In ceiling speaker (music only)

1st Floor
Family room: Play bar plus in wall speakers for surround if possible
If I were to get an amp for this room would that amp have a delay when playing music from other sonos devices?

Kitchen (open concept to fam room): 2 in ceiling speakers (mostly music, maybe tv on rare occasions)

Dining Room/Living Room: 2 in ceiling speakers (one on each side)

Patio: 2 Wired patio speakers

Garage: If I have room on an amp or something I would put an in ceiling speaker

1 reply

Am I making any incorrect assumptions?
can the Sonos amp be split into two rooms in setup for eg right channel is Room a) and left channel is Room b)