New to Sonos and New House

  • 19 February 2024
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Sonos newbie here. I currently have a traditional 5.1 set up. Denon receiver, needs to be replaced running Andrew Jones Pioneer speakers, including towers in the front. Wife never liked the look of the towers.

Moving into a new home, and to simplify some things, wiring the rears will be a pain because of the layout, I am looking at a Sonos bar to start, and add a sub and rears at a later time.

The living room is about 19.5 feet by about 14.5 feet. The television will sit along one of the 14.5 foot walls, and seating will be at the other end of the room. The television is a Sony X80L 65”.

My question is this, will the Beam Gen 2 work in this space. I am not worried about Atmos right now, and would like to add a sub and maybe some old Ones or 100’s in time. Or would a previous version bar work, I see some great deals on Facebook Marketplace.

Mostly used for streaming content, shows, occasional movies.


Thanks in advance.

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6 replies

A Beam would work, although I’d prefer the width of the Arc for a TV of such size. 

Yes, previous versions of Sonos soundbars would also work. 

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We have a beam in an enclosed 15x15 room and it is pretty decent for watching TV shows but pretty weak for action movies. Adding a Sub (we tried one in that room) helps but the narrow spread of speakers and seating distance really doesn’t help the stereo image.

If your room is pretty much enclosed the Beam would work but you’d notice the limitations coming from the small size. An open plan room would be even harder to fill with sound.

Personally I’d go with an Arc to start and then a Sub before adding surrounds. That would give you time to experience Atmos and decide if Era 100s or 300s would be your best option there or the older Ones or even Play 1s.

The room is not open, old style range with rooms, no open concept at all. Eight foot ceilings too

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If wiring speakers is difficult, wil you be able to supply the speakers with power?

Running speaker wire will be difficult. There is power that would be available for future surrounds

I think ARC would be the best choice for a room of that size. If you need the “deal” I recommend PLAYBAR. At some point you’ll want to upgrade to ARC and you could resell PLAYBAR. SONOS tends to retain value.

As a general comment, while soundbars are often high on the WAF list, soundbars do not offer the same experience as a traditional multi speaker system.