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  • 27 February 2024
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We are doing a full remodel and going to be adding Sonos.  We plan on having in wall speakers in living room, kitchen, den, and outside.  Wall speakers (or ceiling) require the “sonos amp” correct?  Other speakers, like sound bars, subs, etc., only require the “sonos port” correct?  Using sonos amp and port, we don’t need to also have a separate receiver do we? (yahama as example)?  Thank you.


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2 replies

Have you read the product pages at There is a lot of good detail there to help plan your system.

I’m not sure what purpose a Port would be for you. It is essentially a bridge between another non-Sonos device and the Sonos ecosystem. In general, unless you’re trying to bring in data from a turntable or tape deck, you wouldn’t need one. 

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You might want to consider adding your music collection to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) so you can easily play it from any or all of your Sonos. Far superior option for CDs than an external player.

Save the Port (if even needed) for tapes and albums as suggested.