New Sonos Amp... Zones?

  • 31 August 2018
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Saw the release on the upcoming new amp that can power 2 sets of speakers. Can it treat them as two zones with separate volume controls or at least the ability to turn the second set off/on?

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6 replies

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Hi pbc, the Sonos Amp only has one set of left and right speaker terminals, as shown here:

They are for the right and left sides of the same Sonos "room" or "zone". If you have two pairs of Sonos speakers connected to each set, you'll still only have one Sonos zone to control with in the Sonos app.

All Sonos players act as a single Sonos room (at most).
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You could add a speaker selector switch between the Sonos Amp and your speakers to switch off one set. You can also get speaker level volume controls, some with an off/mute option for remote volume control.
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Thanks, read this review:

which says "The Amp can connect to four speakers, twice as many as before" was pretty excited to hear that and was hoping for either two zones or maybe at least the ability to do A or B or A+B speaker setting sort of thing.

Want to keep controls in the app without having to go use a separate switch.
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Even the picture in their review shows two speakers. Not sure what they were talking about, unless they were simply getting at it has more power so you can more confidently setup 2 sets of speakers.
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You could setup 2 sets of 8ohms speakers on the old one. As you say I think they have more confidence in the power now able to drive 4 better. Both sets would be hooked to same poles - you would not have 2 zones - just one zone 4 speakers. Mono actually would help here too if doing a larger area and not wanting stereo separation. So the new version is s step up in all regards.
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Actually, reading the full reviews, I think what they meant was that you could hook up one pair to the terminals, and it can also run a set of wireless rears.

Doesn't help my application unfortunately.