New setup for Physical Therapy Office

  • 11 October 2018
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Hi everyone, so I am opening a new 2200 sq/ft PT office which was previously a clothing store and previous owners left 8, 70volt in ceiling speakers I plan to reuse in the general open space of the clinic for low volume mellow music at all times. I also have ~350 sq/ft enclosed studio where we will conduct group exercise classes.

I know I need 2 zones to play different music in each space but wondering if I can use a connect with a separate amp to run the zone in the general space with the 70 volt speakers. Don’t think I can use a connect amp because it won’t work with those speakers?

In the studio room I am deciding between adding a separate connect amp and 2 new 8 ohm speakers which will be pricey or if it would be adequate to use 2 play 1s or maybe 1 play 5? The music in the studio will be louder but will never need to be cranked.

Also looking for which amp to buy to attach to the connect?


3 replies

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Hi eirlJD

I'd love to help you but there is a limitation on the Ohm rating that a Connect:AMP can handle. Click the link for more information on Ohm rating for the Connect: Amp and speaker connection which is a max of 4 per Connect:Amp:

That said...there is no direct correlation of 70 Volts to Ohms (resistance). Can you provide either the Ohm rating or if not that the brand of speaker(s) being employed.

Regarding the studio it depends on:
1. Cost of the in-ceiling speakers and Connect: Amp vs the Play 5 or Play 1's
2. Will the Play 5 or Play 1's provide the coverage you are looking for without cranking the volume
3. Cost aside will you have better listening at lower levels when the speakers are positioned over the target area vs more directional with the Play 5 or Play 1's.

Can't you just add 2 60W 70 Volt transformers?
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Something like two of these 8 Ohm 100 Watt transformers?

The only drawback to the Connect Amp is that it doesn't offer a Mono mode which can be a problem with a background music system. You might be happier with a Connect and an external amp that offered a mono mix-mode so you wouldn't be facing stereo imaging/oddness issues.

Going the same route (Connect, external amp, 70volt) in the second area might be nice from a consistency standpoint and I'd lean that direction. Might even look for a two zone amp, possibly with 70 Volt outputs, and save a few bucks.


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