new record player + which sonos

  • 1 December 2022
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Hi there,

My friends offered me a Pro-Ject T1 record player a few months back.

It is a Project T1 regular (not the SB one) with cables attached directly to the device.

I never owned a record player before and I am quite excited but I am not sure which sonos I should get to connect to my already owned Sonos One x2 and Beam.

I see a lot of stuff related to the SB itself. Would anyone know if the port is sufficient? Or if I need the amp?

Would love to get some help here!




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As far as I can see the T1 has a built-in pre amp that you can turn on or off. To be used with a Port (or a Five) it needs to be on, giving a “line level” signal.

If your T1 goes without a preamp you need a separate preamp.

To add a bit more color to that excellent answer, the only point in which an Amp would be useful is if you need to drive a set of non-Sonos speakers.