New Play 5 with Sub. Recommendations

  • 29 October 2015
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I have ordered the new Play 5, my first Sonos speaker. I plan to use it primarily for music. I will eventually buy another Play 5 for a different floor of my house. My understanding from reviews that I have read is that there was a decent benefit to pairing the old Play 5 with the Sub. I would like to hear what the Community thinks about getting the Sub with the new Play 5. I looked at about 10 online review of the new Play 5 and only one mentioned the Sub and actually said the new Play 5 was good enough that the Sub wasn't required anymore. I know that no one here has had a chance to test it themselves, but I would still be interested in thoughts on the subject. Thank you.

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29 replies

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Having many 1’s and a pair of 5’s (gen 2) I can say if you can swing the cost you won’t be disappointed with a pair of 5’s with the Sub. I thought having a pair of 5s was totally suficneitn until I added the sub (whoops). After adding the sub, as good as the pairs of 5s sound they are nothing compared to with the sub. They become flat on their own.

I’d go for two 5s over one 5+sub, but obviously a pair and a sub is top of the class as far as Sonos is concerned.
Ik heb 2x Play 5 Gen 2 in stereo paar staan, en heb een Sub toegevoegd omdat bij hoge volume met alleen 2 Play 5 Gen 2 het laag minder vond worden en dat miste. En nu ik de Sub erbij heb toegevoegd is het geluid bij vraag aan hoge volume mooi vol en strak. Merkbaar is dat de Play 5 Gen 2 veel beter klinken omdat deze speakers nu zich nu beter op het mid en hoog kunnen concentreren. En ook bij heerlijke lounge muziek klink deze set perfect ...
Hi all,
sorry if I re-open this old topic, i actually have a Play:5 2nd gen, if i bought a new Play:5 2nd gen and a new beam soundbar, can I made a 2.1 home theatre for my TV? thanks.
No, although I'm not sure what you mean by 2.1. If you were to purchase a second PLAY:5 gen 2, you could make a 5.1 setup, not 2.1. The BEAM would be Right, Center and Left, the SUB would of course be the .1, and the two PLAY:5s would be the rear surrounds.

My personal opinion is that a PLAY:5 is overkill for a surround speaker, but sounds great as a regular (or stereo) speaker. I've got a couple of pairs of PLAY:1s that function quite well as surround speakers. But that's entirely a personal preference, and should not be taken as gospel, there are a lot of people who use PLAY:5s as surround speakers, and are quite happy.