New kitchen set up

  • 2 February 2024
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We’ve just had a new kitchen extension (8m by 5m) and I’m wondering what best music set up would be? I own a Sonos one but I understand I can’t ’stereo pair’ an old ‘one’ with new era 100…

option 1 - buy 2x Era 100 stereo paired and a sub mini grouped together

option 2 - by 1x Era 300 and sub mini grouped

Which option would give me best sound fill? 

option 3 - buy another  Sonos one and just stereo pair with existing Sonos one - and no sub

Any advice would be appreciated 



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3 replies

I’d go with Option 4, if you can. Buy a second One (if you can find it, and stereo pair it with the one you already own, then add a Sub-mini to that pair. 

If that’s not possible, I’d go with the pair of Era 100s, and add the Sub-mini at a later date, or at the same time, and use your existing One in another room. 

Thanks so much! Can I group the new sub mini to the older Sonos one’s? I wasn’t sure?


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One SLs were still on sale as refurbished at the Sonos Store last I looked.

The 100s and moving the One elsewhere is tempting too. The Sonos Store “buy a set” option is nice. If you want the mini sub too, then look on down to the home theater completion sets for a 100/mini combo.

List of products that support Sub Mini
Era 100
Era 300
One (Gen 1)
One (Gen 2)
One SL
Play:5 (Gen 2)