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  • 27 January 2024
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I am stepping towards incorporating Sonos into my existing system and I need help on what I would need to accomplish this. At this point. I have 2 complete home 5.1 theater systems both consisting of wired in wall Polk and definitive technology speakers including powered subs running off of Onkyo receivers. The problem is that I can’t control them as zones or a complete system. I am also wanting to incorporate other small speakers throughout house to eliminate having to turn volume up high to hear in each room. I would hate to have to ditch all the money already spent to remove and replace this quality equipment if I don’t have to. If there is a way to add whatever is needed into existing systems and make them all cominicate and work properly as a whole house system that would be amazing. Please let me know your thoughts. 

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1 reply

If there are line-in/out ports on your existing receivers, you can add a Sonos Port to them to get the playing (stereo only) audio into or out of the Sonos eco-sysytem. That allows you to play audio to or from any/every Sonos product in sync for music audio.TV audio is more demanding however and so requires an audio buffer of approx.~75ms minimum. Anyhow you can read more about the Sonos Port here…

You could attach one to each Receiver you have and then put other Sonos speakers around your Home/Garden etc. that’s the beauty of a multi-room wireless audio system you can just put a Sonos device anywhere it can get a WiFi (or wired) connection to the Home local area network.

The other available Sonos products for the Home are outlined here in the full user guide…

To purchase online, here is a link to the Sonos shop…